Wheat Crop Nutrition Programmes

Elaborated by our specialists, Yara's crop nutrition programmes for wheat can help you to achieve excellent crop performance.

Wheat Fertilizer and Foliar Micronutrient Programme

Yara's wheat fertilizer and foliar micronutient programme provides all the essential crop nutrients for a healthy crop of wheat.

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Winter Wheat Crop Nutrition - Fertilizer Programme

Recommended Yara Fertilizers for Wheat

2250-yarabela axan-main image

YaraBela AXAN

27% N + 3.6% S - Uniform compound granular nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer for use on all crops.

2294-yaramila actyva s-main image


16-6.6-12.4 + 2.6% S - Granular fertilizer often used for winter cereals and oilseed rape to supply phosphate and potash together with nitrogen and sulphur.

22cp-yarabela can-main image

YaraBela CAN

27% N - Granular calcium ammonium nitrate based nitrogen fertilizer for use on any crop.

22dd-yaramila new 18's-main image

YaraMila NEW 18'S

18-6-12 - A compound fertilizer used as a general grassland fertilizer in addition to some cereal cropping as a base fertilizer.

Recommended Yara Foliar Micronutrients for Wheat

2232-yaravita gramitrel-main image


A flowable liquid fertilizer with a balanced combination of micronutrients including manganese, magnesium, copper and zinc for foliar application to cereals.

2201-yaravita mantrac pro-main image


A flowable liquid micronutrient fertilizer containing 500 g/l of manganese for application as a foliar spray or seed treatment to a wide range of crops to treat or prevent manganese deficiency.

2226-yaravita magflo 300-main image

YaraVita MAGFLO 300

A flowable liquid fertilizer containing 300 g/l magnesium for foliar application to cereals and potatoes or treat magnesium deficiency in a wide range of crops.

2223-yaravita mancozin-main image


A flowable liquid micronutrient fertilizer containing manganese, copper and zinc for foliar application to treat micronutrient deficiencies on cereals and broadacre crops.

2206-yaravita zintrac 700-main image

YaraVita ZINTRAC 700

A fully formulated flowable liquid micronutrient fertilizer containing 700 g/l zinc for foliar application to prevent and treat zinc deficiency on a wide range of crops.