SUPER START 34% Nitrogen

Super Start is a unique quick acting nitrogen fertilizer made only by Yara. Super Start fertilizer contains a unique blend of Calcium Nitrate and Urea and contains 34% nitrogen. Super Start is an ideal choice for the first application for grassland and arable crops in early spring.

Super Start - Nitrogen Fertilizer

How is Super Start made? 

This fertilizer is a size match blend of urea 46%N and calcium nitrate 15.5%N, 7.6%Ca 

How does Super Start work ? 

When the product is spread a chemical reaction starts immediately, the calcium nitrate is taken up into the plant within 24-48 hrs even in cold conditions. The balance of the size match blend, urea vs calcium nitrate is calculated so that when all the calcium nitrate is utilized by the plant the ureic nitrogen is then available to the crop. Calcium nitrate works immediately once it is spread, and in Super Start is taken up and utilised by the crop within approx. 10 days - this is one reason why farmers comment on seeing an immediate response to the crop whenever Super Start is spread. 

Ureic nitrogen, (urea 46%N), when spread is not immediately available to the crop, it has to go through a chemical reaction which can take up to 7–10 days before this form of nitrogen is in the nitrate form which can be utilised by the crop. 

Super Start also contains calcium, in the soluble form, which means it is less acidic, and will aid the maintenance of pH levels in soils. 

When can I use Super Start ? 

Super Start is an ideal product for first application in early Spring for grassland and arable crops before weather conditions become more predicable, certainly it does not have to be spread as early as straight urea, as Super Start works immediately therefore eliminating a certain amount of risk due to unfavourable conditions – the best of both worlds. 

What about cost per acre savings... does Super Start deliver? 

It has been very well documented on the higher cost of fertilizer for this year, and providing a product with real value for money is paramount. 

Ask your local supplier for Super Start and you will be surprised on the price of the product vs CAN 27 on a cost per unit of Nitrogen basis !!

Against current pricing this would be a saving of up to €12.00 per tonne/acre !!

Is this a saving you are prepared to waste ??

Super Start Nitrogen Fertilizer

What do other farmers say about Super Start ?

"I spread just under 1 bag of Super Start per acre in late January 2016 and saw an immediate response. The grass really greened up quickly for me and there was an immediate response unlike straight urea. It is a product that I will definitely be using again in early spring.’’ (Sean Deasy, Dairy Farmer, Aghafore, Clonakilty, Co. Cork)

"This year all my grazing ground will get a cover of Super Start. I find that Super Start works quicker than other fertilizers in the Spring. I have used the product in the past and I am very pleased with the results." (Farmer, Co Armagh) 

"We have always been very pleased with Super Start. We noticed the fields were much greener than the others, due to the calcium nitrate content, which is 40% of the content." (Farmer, Co Tyrone) 

"I could see the effect of Super Start within days of sowing." (Farmer, Co. Fermanagh) 

"I use Super Start because it gives me the early grass needed for grazing in the Spring." (Farmer, Co Down) 

"The response from Super Start is excellent as it gave us that much needed early grass, especially on silage ground." (Farmer, Co. Antrim)

"I have been using Super Start for 3 years now and I find that the nitrogen balance gets better results than Urea or CAN+S when used on grass in the spring time. I spread 1.5 bags per acre on grazing grounds and see immediate results and excellent yields, especially in cold/wet conditions" (Farmer Co Waterford)
super start - calcium nitrate and urea - grassland fertilizer


34% N + 7.6% Ca - A unique Yara product containing both Calcium Nitrate and Urea . SUPER START is well suited to cold wet spring conditions and is ideal for first application to grassland.