Control of NOx Emissions from Ships

The burning of fossil fuels in diesel engines creates toxic Nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur oxides (SOx) emissions. Authorities around the world are addressing air pollution by introducing stricter emission limits. Yara's abatement technologies reduce these harmful exhaust gases by up to 99 percent, thereby helping safeguard life and the environment.

NOxCare Marine: the total DeNOx package

Under the NOxCare Marine brand, Yara offers a complete maritime NOx abatement solution package from reagent (urea solution) to abatement technology (SCR-Selective Catalyst Reduction technologies) and after-market services (maintenance, training and knowhow):

NOx reduction and Urea Solution For Marine Engines

NOxCare 40 Marine

Reliable Supply of NOxCare 40 Marine during the operation of a vessel (delivered according to ISO 18611-1-3 Marine NOx reduction agent AUS 40).

NOxCare Marine Technical Service

NOxCare Marine Service

  • spare parts 
  • advanced catalyst management for reduced operation cost 
  • onboard services, training and maintenance

Protecting Life

Fighting NOx and SOx emissions safeguards life and the environment.

NOx and SOx make you sick. They increase the risk of asthma and cause a variety of health issues from irritation of eyes and nose to lung cancer. They also cause acid rain, which is harmful to the environment and biodiversity. Emissions of NOx and SOx represent a global problem with local – and too often fatal – impacts.

Tighter Regulation

Concerns over pollution from seagoing vessels are driving stricter legislation.

From 2015, ships operating in certain coastal regions – called Emission Control Areas – must meet new SOx ceiling levels by switching to more expensive low-sulphur fuel or installing a cleaning system like our scrubber. With our E2A offering, we are prepared to help ship owners meet future regulations on both SOx and NOx emissions.

NOx Regulation

Cutting NOx at Sea

Our NOx cleansing solutions reduce emissions by up to 99%.

Ships are heavy emitters. We are the market leader in marine NOx reduction technology with a unique emission abatement solution and experience from more than 1300 reference projects. Our solutions will reduce NOx emissions from a vessel by up to 99%.

Trust the track-record:

  • Over 1300 Marine SCR systems installed worldwide.
  • The world leader in NOx reducing agent production and distribution.


Emissions to air – we call it E2A – is our platform for developing and offering solutions to reduce emissions from transport on land and at sea, as well as from industrial plants. We are the only company supplying a comprehensive cleansing solution: cleansing technology, chemical reagents, and aftermarket services

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