NOxCare Marine Technical Service

Your main focus is on operating your ship in the most profitable, safe and legal manner. Let us help you ensure that you comply with NOx reduction requirements in a cost-effective way. NOxCare Marine Services make your compliance with marine DeNOx requirements easy. From reliable reagent delivery to convenient onboard maintenance and cost-saving catalyst management, we work hard to make sure you can run your ship as profitably as possible, all the while complying with the local laws.

Handling CatalystOur SCR systems are built to withstand tough conditions and to provide reliable, affordable NOx reduction for many years. We help ship owners and operators across the world in SCR commissioning, SCR crew training, SCR maintenance (and spare parts), SCR monitoring and catalyst management in order to ensure the efficient and cost effective operation of their vessels.

For each vessel, we bring you all of our expertise and know-how to provide cost-effective, hassle-free NOx reduction

  • Onboard Maintenance: our preventive maintenance program and spare-parts solutions provide you with trouble free and continuous low NOx operation year after year. 
  • Marine SCR System optimization: we perform an assessment of your ship's current DeNOx system and advise on steps which can be made to minimize operating costs and ensure compliance and safe operation. 
  • Training packages: training your operators is very important because improper handling can have serious consequences for your compliance with regulations and for your SCR system. We can provide training sessions for your crews who interact with NOx reduction processes. 
  • Spare parts support: We have installed over 1300 Marine SCR systems on a highly standardized solution and, therefore, can support you with your spare part needs within a short timeframe. 
  • Catalyst management & regeneration: Our catalyst management know-how, including a high efficient regeneration process, can help you to reduce your operating costs. It further ensures your system will always fulfill the latest emission regulations.