YaraIrix - Turn your phone into a nitrogen sensor

YaraIrix is a smartphone app that allows you to measure the nitrogen demands of your crops at a different growth stages.

Combine the accessibility of smartphone technology with Yara's deep agronomical knowledge. YaraIrix puts a powerful crop analyser in your hands. To use it, download the YaraIrix app (iOS and Android) and begin taking photos of your crops

What does YaraIrix do?

The YaraIrix app analyses images taken with the phone's own camera and uses these to estimate crop nitrogen uptake. 

Used in oilseed rape YaraIrix calculates a precise nitrogen fertiliser recommendation based on geolocation and growth stage. 

Used in cereals YaraIrix will give an estimate of crop nitrogen uptake which can help an experienced agronomist give a more accurate nitrogen recommendation. 

This basic image analysis based estimation is only valid at early growth stages in the spring and has only been calibrated up to GS 31 in cereals and stem extension in oilseed rape.


What else does YaraIrix do? 

As well as the image analysis YaraIrix can be used in conjunction with the Yara N-Tester to determine the nitrogen status of cereals at later growth stages, up to anthesis. With this extra information about the plants nitrogen status, the optimum amount of nitrogen can be calculated to fine tune final N applications. The recommendations given are for yield only. Apply an extra 40 kgN/ha where good milling quality is the target. The N-Tester can be used to monitor the crops Nitrogen status right through to anthesis as a decision support tool.

YaraIrix will already work with older models of the N-Tester and new for 2020 the N-Tester BT is being introduced which connects with the YaraIrix app via Bluetooth.

What crops does YaraIrix work in?

YaraIrix can currently be used in oilseed rape, winter wheat and winter barley.  

Oilseed Rape

When used in oilseed rape YaraIrix will determine the crop biomass and nitrogen uptake and based on this will give a nitrogen recommendation.

Yara’s nitrogen trials have shown the strong relationship in oilseed rape between canopy size in early spring and the optimum rate of nitrogen required. As the canopy of oilseed crops can vary greatly between different fields due to differences in drilling date, soil types, topography and slug pressure, amongst others, the optimum rates can vary greatly also. To take a canopy fresh weight measurement to assess nitrogen uptake in each field can be very time consuming, and an average across all fields may not show the true variance within. 

The YaraIrix app helps to speed up measurements by quickly providing a value for nitrogen uptake in the crop and a recommendation of the rate to apply, based on a minimum of four images per field. Eight years of data capture over very different seasons has led to over 12,000 crop images, each with a corresponding laboratory analysis result. This has enabled a wide range of different nitrogen rates, seed rates, drilling dates and measurement dates to be analysed to create a robust tool and provide confidence in the result. 


YaraIrix can also be used in winter wheat, winter barley, winter oats and winter rye too.

When used in winter wheat or winter barley prior to stem extension YaraIrix will determine the crop nitrogen uptake but not give a recommendation, however the crop nitrogen uptake can then be used in conjunction with other measurements to fine tune nitrogen recommendations and can be used as an aid to crop management. 

When used in conjunction withthe Yara N-Tester  the YaraIrix app  will determine the nitrogen status of cereals at later growth stages, up to flag leaf and ear emergence.  With this extra information about the plants nutritional status of the plan the optimum nitrogen recommendation amount at ear emergence can be calculated allowing growers to fine tune final N applications.

How do I get started with YaraIrix?

Simply download YaraIrix for free for iOS or Android and then sign in to begin analysing your crops.

To use for image analysis at early growth stages just start taking photos within the app. After taking a photo, you’ll receive an instant N fertiliser recommendation that you can use to plan your first dressing. 

If you already have an N-Tester simply register this within the app to let it know which model you have, then you are good to go.

If you’d like more information on YaraIrix please follow the link to the YaraIrix website.

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