Against a background of great change, it is even more important to take control where we can to deliver impressive results, whatever the weather or the politics! 

Take control of crop yields

Developing a healthier crop root system will ensure better access to nutrients throughout the growing season so you can grow a higher-yielding crop.

How do you achieve strong roots?

  • Apply a good quality NPKS fertiliser in the spring when the crop needs the nutrients most.
  • Phosphate is a key nutrient to focus on in the spring because it is an immobile nutrient and with crop roots at the beginning of their growth cycle, access to this nutrient can be very difficult without a fresh supply.
  • Cold temperatures limit phosphate availability and root growth further, making the need for additional phosphate in the soil even more important.

Change to spring application

Traditionally, we’ve seen regular applications of phosphate and potash in the autumn. However, Yara’s advice has always been to shift this application to the spring using a NPKS fertiliser. Why? Because numerous trials have shown the increased effectiveness of spring-applied phosphate.

By applying phosphate in the autumn, we end up feeding the soil, not the crop. The nutrient then becomes locked up in the soil and unavailable to crops that need it the following spring.

If you apply it when the crop needs it, you’ll get maximum benefit.

Extend phosphate availability

With YaraMila NPKS fertilisers, you can extend phosphate availability beyond the immediate need of your crops to provide them with an ongoing phosphate supply to maintain strong root development.

What does all of this mean to you?

If you take control of early root development by applying YaraMila NPKS fertilisers in the spring, you’ll benefit from a well established crop.

Healthy crops with a strong root system will ensure better access to nutrients throughout the growing season. Ultimately, as a result, you’ll achieve a higher yielding crop and a better return on investment.

Where can I buy Yara fertilisers in Ireland?

Where can I buy Yara fertilisers in Ireland?

Yara supply our branded fertilisers and crop nutrition products to the Irish market through a network of local merchants and co-ops  Use our interactive map to locate your nearest suppliers.

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