Take control of oilseed rape micronutrient deficiencies

Supply your oilseed with exactly the right micronutrients where and when they are needed and prevent yield losses or quality reduction due to deficiencies.

See for yourself the effect of micro-nutrients on oilseed

These oilseed rape plants were grown in sand and watered daily with a nutrient solution without boron, manganese and molybedenum and with just 25% magnesium requirements.

The pot on the left side was sprayed with 3l/ha YaraVita Brassitrel Pro just before filming started

Did you know?

  • 83% of oilseed samples submitted for tissue analysis had deficiency of Molybdenum, Manganese or Boron.
  • 49% of these samples showed a multiple deficiency of two or more of these micronutrients.
  • Based on all samples submitted between 2010 and 2016