Yara field studies have shown that nitrogen and NPK fertilisers containing ammonium nitrate have consistently returned higher yield and better crop quality crop than urea and UAN.

Combining high-quality nitrate-based fertiliser with balanced nutrition and precision farming technology is the best way to increase the yield of your crops without compromising on their quality.

How can a nitrate-based solution improve your crop performance?

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Increased yield and increased income

  • At identical nitrogen application rates, nitrates are proven to achieve increased yield than urea-based fertilisers.
  • Higher grain nitrogen content, by optimising final N applications.
  • Targeted fertilisation through precision measurement and digital tools.

Improved quality for maximum value

  • Improved quality. Proteins drive quality, and nitrogen is a key factor for protein synthesis.
  • Higher priced crops. Yara´s fertilisers and digital tools can help increase protein content and value.
  • Meet your plants’ sulphur needs. Using a tailored nitrate and sulphur fertilisation program significantly increases both yield and quality. 

Reliable performance and stability

  • Avoid spreading errors and loss. Even light breezes can cause significantly higher spreading errors with urea than with CAN.
  • Use available water more efficiently. Less water is required to produce a ton of grain with optimised nitrogen supply.
  • Reduced lodging with sensor-controlled fertilisation and growth regulator application.

Over-fertilisation during leaf emergence results in increased risk of crop lodgingReduce lodging by up to 90%

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