Reagents used in SCR and SNCR systems for NOx reduction

When choosing between an SCR and SNCR system to reduce NOx emissions, one of the first decisions to make is the choice of the reducing agent to be used in your system for NOx control.

This can be a complicated decision because it must consider several parameters:

  • The location of your site
  • Delivery costs
  • Nearby reducing agent sources as well as possible backup sources

NOxCare has over a century of expertise in production, logistics and storage. We can share this expertise with you to help you make the right choice of reagent for your NOx reduction.

There are some important criteria to consider when choosing the type of reagent that suits you best:

  • What is your anticipated annual consumption of NOx reagent?
  • What is the level of knowledge of your staff in terms of handling chemicals?
  • Can training on storage and handling of chemicals be implemented?
  • Will the storage site be in a residential area, or a site with lots of activity?
  • What are the norms and local or national legislations regarding the handling of these chemicals?
Emma Inch
Emma Inch
Sales Manager - Base Chemicals