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A new source of iron for fruit crops

Iron is critical to maintaining a healthy crop, even though it is considered a micronutrient. It is used by plants for the production of chlorophyll and as such has a direct effect on photosynthesis. In addition to the production of chlorophyll, iron is used to help crop enzyme functions. This means deficient crops can appear stunted or weak, even if where they are grown is abundant in macro minerals. Stunted or weakened plants inevitably fail to produce the desired yield & quality. This is why it is important to be sure that crops have a good supply of available iron.

Yara has developed a new iron solution for all growers, to bring the management of iron more in line with Yara’s other precision crop feeding solutions. YaraVita Ferritrac Pro is specially formulated to offer the crop 60 %w/w available iron straight to the crop root zone via injection. By being able to do this using a liquid product means that the process and cost of iron management are both simplified and more efficient than using current solutions. The new formulation guarantees that the crop can have a good supply of available iron, within the cropping year of application, to feed the crop in a preventative manner.

In 2021 Yara conducted various trials in broadacre fruit crops trials (apples pears and grapevines) which demonstrated impressive results.

See the results of the 2021 Ferritrac Pro trials

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