Crambe crop nutrition

Crambe (Crambe abysinnica), also known as Abyssinian mustard, has been grown in the UK since 2001, with an annual increase in production since.

Crambe agronomy information

Crambe is an industrial oilseed that contains high levels of erucic acid, also produced from High Erucic Acid Rape (HEAR) varieties. Its uses lie mainly with the plastics industry, as a slip agent.

The crop does have several advantages over HEAR:

  • Crambe is not a brassica and can therefore be useful as a break crop in arable rotations that include oilseed rape.
  • The inputs in Crambe are lower than they are for oilseed rape as pests can be controlled more effectively using cultivation methods.
  • The oil contains fewer polyunsaturated fatty acids than HEAR rape oil, which can cause problems when undergoing chemical modification.
  • Lodging has never been recorded in crops of Crambe.
  • It is more tolerant of late-season drought

Recommended Crambe fertiliser programme

crambe fertilser recomendations

Agronomy and fertiliser advice
Agronomy and fertiliser advice

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