Atfarm - Crop biomass monitoring and Variable rate nitrogen

Atfarm is a digital tool to help farmers remotely monitor crop biomass and create variable rate nitrogen application maps with the aid of satellite imagery.

With the use of satellite images and Yara’s expertise in precision agriculture, every farmer can simply check the status of their crops and optimise the amount of nitrogen in top dressings to increase the crop’s yield.

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During 2020 season you can try Atfarm for free.*

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What does Atfarm do?

Atfarm is a free online service that allows farmers to create biomass maps to identify variations in the biomass of crops even at any growth stage in any crop. 

Using Atfarm any farmer can create variable rate application maps for fertilisation using automatically updated satellite information based the N-Sensor index all in an easy-to-use platform. It is also possible to also adapt the application map according to individual needs and knowledge of a field.

For the analysis of satellite images, Atfarm combines an intuitive and easy-to-use platform with the N-Sensor algorithm, a technology developed by Yara using decades of field trials.

Crop biomass monitoring

Atfarm - Crop biomass monitoring and Variable rate nitrogen

Atfarm is a great tool to monitor the growth status of your crop. You can use the N-Sensor view to identify the growth evolution of your crop with new satellite pictures every five days. This allows scouting and monitoring of the crop from anywhere and can be accessed from smartphones and tablets using the mobile app or from traditional desktop view.

Atfarm helps you identify anomalies and where to turn your attention next, allowing you and your agronomist to identify areas where crop development is not going as expected and focus on areas of a field where an on the ground inspection is needed. 

Variable rate fertilisation

With variable rate fertilisation you can change the amount of fertiliser applied on different areas of a field. This way, you can increase the yield of your field up to 7%.

How does variable rate application work?

Using Atfarm is simple – you only need to sign up online and add your fields to check their biomass levels.

You can create an application map in few steps:

  1. Choose the crop type, fertiliser and target N amount.
  2. Generate an application card for working with the required information.
  3. Export the file for your tractor’s monitor and you’re ready to go.

Do I need a variable rate spreader?

No- Atfarm can be used even if you don't have a variable rate spreader - Atfarm can be used via the Atfarm mobile app which is available for both iPhone and Android phones from the usual app stores.

This allows any farmer to variably apply nitrogen, even if they do not have a variable rate controller on their fertiliser spreader. This is possible by using the GPS location from the phone and manually adjusting the flow rate or forward speed* based on the recomendation given by the app. 

There will be some limitations depending on tractor and spreader capabilities but this should allow many more farmers to take advantage of variable rate spreading.
(*if this is possible without changing pto speed.)

Try Atfarm now for free !!

During 2020 season you can try Atfarm’ for free.*

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