Agronomist and a farmer using the crop monitoring tool on Atfarm

Crop monitoring

With Atfarm you can remotely check the biomass status of your fields for free with regularly updated satellite images and various biomass maps to. Atfarm helps you monitor the growth of your fields with satellite images to detect anomalies and make better informed decisions.

Crop monitoring

  • Monitoring crop growth allows you to base your decisions on reliable and comprehensive information.
  • Detecting anomalies on time means you can identify areas of your field that are behaving in an unexpected way.
  • Scout online allows you to plan ahead for your next visit to your fields and prioritise areas that require a closer look.

How does crop monitoring work?

Add your fields

Add your fields in Atfarm

Draw your fields and access satellite images analysed with Yara N-Sensor technology.

Start growth monitoring

Start growth monitoring with Atfarm

Monitor the biomass of your fields with Atfarm and use the Yara N-Sensor index to make more informed decisions.

See how crop monitoring works in practice

The image above shows a field with 3 different seeding dates. You can clearly see 3 clear zones with low to high biomass. With Atfarm you can easily follow how these differences get bigger or less over time.

Satellite images will not be able to tell you what the problem is but help you decide to have a closer look and then decide on the right actions.

Atfarm supports your decisions through the season

Create a free Atfarm account and then get started with the N-tester BT, variable-rate fertilisation and remote crop monitoring.

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Download Atfarm now for free 

Let Atfarm help you optimise your nitrogen fertilisation, increase yields and save costs.

  • Monitor your fields and crops from anywhere.
  • Easily identify growth differences in the field to measure nitrogen absorption in the crop leaves for in-season nitrogen recommendations.
  • Share your maps with colleagues.

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