Nitrate based fertilisers are the most efficient form of nitrogen


YaraBela nitrate based fertilisers, are pure nutrients, offering the required precision efficiency and reliability to meet the agronomic and environmental imperatives of modern agriculture. Nitrate nitrogen has been proven to be the best form of nitrogen for farming conditions in Ireland. 


Irish agriculture must reduce ammonia emmisions by 9%


YaraBela fertilisers will all easily spread to 36m and beyond


YaraBela granules are heavier so perform better even in windier conditions

See for yourself the effect of physical properties

All YaraBela fertilisers are granular compounds

  • Because all YaraBela fertilisers are granules they will all easily spread upto 36m and beyond.
  • Because YaraBela granules are stronger they will not shatter when you spread them giving you a cloud of dust.
  • Because YaraBela granules are heavier they will perform better under windier conditions, giving a more even application.
  • Remember if it doesn't say Yara on the bag it won't be Yara quality fertiliser in the bag.  Yara don't sell fertiliser in anyone else's bags.

What do other farmers say?

David Parke Castlewellan, Northern Ireland

"Consistency and keeping quality in storage means Yara Axan always spreads well and the spinner keeps clean even when some fertiliser is kept to be spread later. Spreading YaraMila with its consistent bulk density and particle size means a near-perfect pattern can be achieved".

Andrew Reed Berwick upon Tweed, England

"Here on our farm, I find the Yara Axan is ideal for what we are trying to get out of the crop. We only use Axan, so all the nitrogen is given to all crops with this fertiliser and the sulphur in Axan allows us to be applying sulphur each pass, which I believe is as key as the nitrogen "

Eurig Jenkins, Pentrefelin Farm, Lampeter, Wales

"When using YaraBela Axan, you split the bag it's always quality product and we never seem to get any stripes so the quality of the grass is as good as we can produce here"