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Understand the true nutrient needs of your crop. Instantly see your Nutrition Plan: crop growth stages, product recommendations, fertiliser supply and demand. Our free Nutrition Plan is available in the Atfarm web app and will help you make crop nutrient decisions to enhance efficiency and profit while protecting the environment.

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How does the Nutrition Plan work in Atfarm ? 

icon-correct.png Add Your Field 

After adding a field to your farm in your Atfarm account, you can create Nutrition Plans for it in the Atfarm web app in your desktop browser.

In the Nutrition Plan section of Atfarm, you can generate customised Nutrition Plans for your fields. Here you can also find an overview of all created Nutrition Plans and view the total amount of products for your farm based on active Nutrition Plans.

icon-correct.png Generate a Nutrition Plan

The Nutrition Plan is calculated based on your entered field and crop parameters such as

  • amount of nutrients required for the crop
  • amount of nutrients available in the soil for the field
  • soil properties
  • applied organic fertilisers

By providing these and other inputs, an exact nutrient amount can be calculated, that needs to be applied for reaching the target yield and a Nutrition Plan can be created for the full crop cycle. This will be broken down into specific advice for each growth stage to optimise the fertiliser and nutrient influence.

You can explore recommended products across various growth stages based on our expert agronomical knowledge.

icon-correct.png Add your soil values

You can provide your own soil values by uploading soil analysis results to Atfarm. If you do not upload your own soil values, we use regional soil values to calculate the Nutrition Plan for you.

By providing your soil data, we can not only generate an informative Nutrition Plan for you but also track your fields' soil fertility over time, so you can review historical soil data and plan future testing and field measures. 

icon-correct.png Edit and share Nutrition Plans

You can add, remove, or modify recommended products as well as adjust field, soil and crop details to customise and fine-tune your Nutrition Plan. Furthermore, you can modify soil analysis values. The Nutrition Plan is immediately re-calculated.

Your Nutrition Plan can also easily be shared via a public URL.

Atfarm supports your decisions through the season

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