Keep your crop canopy greener for longer to help maximise sugar and root yields

YaraVita Product Manager Phil Burrell explains how YaraVita Magflo plus YaraVita Biotrac can give your sugar beet crop the boost it needs.

How to increase sugar beet yield

How to increase sugar beet yield

The two key components of sugar beet yield are the weight of sugar beet roots and the % sugar content of them. The combination of a high root yield and high sugar content will give the highest yield of sugar per hectare

Find out how to increase your sugar beet yield

See for yourself micronutrient deficiencies in oilseed rape

See for yourself how micronutrient deficiencies affect oilseed rape development

Oilseed rape plants grown in sand and watered daily with a nutrient solution without boron, manganese and molybedenum and with just 25% magnesium requirements. The pot on the left side was sprayed with 3l/ha YaraVita Brassitrel Pro just before filming started

Check if your sugar beet has a nutrient deficiency

Identify and diagnose if your sugar beet is suffering from nutrient deficiencies and learn how to control or correct the deficiency. Choose a nutrient below to learn more about the symptoms of its deficiency in sugar beet and its effect on crop growth and development.

Sugar Beet Crop programme
Sugar Beet Crop programme

Sugar beet crop nutrition programme

Sugar-beet fertiliser programme

Provides all the essential crop nutrients for a healthy crop of sugar beet supplied as soil-applied or foliar nutrients