How to increase apple size

Apples size is influenced crop nutrition together with pruning and thinning practices. Size is a critical characteristic for grading apples. A minimal size is required on all grades and evenly shaped and sized fruit are desired for all markets.

Phosphorus increases apple size

Phosphorus and apple Fruit Size

Trials show that phosphorus can increase the commercial premium >75mm grade of apples by 24%, through increasing apple size. Thus, it is particularly important to ensure supplies are not limiting in the period 6 weeks post-flowering. Often this is best achieved by using supplementary foliar phosphate.

Magnesium deficiency results in lower fruit size

Magnesium Optimum Range and apples

Lack of magnesium results in reduced photosynthesis leading to smaller leaves that are lighter in colour, poor flowering, reduced apple size and significant fruit drop.

Recommended fertilisers for apples

Apple fertiliser and crop nutrition advice
Apple fertiliser and crop nutrition advice

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