How calcium affects pear quality

Calcium is critical in pears, and fruit concentrations need to be double that acceptable for apple. 10mg/100g fresh weight at harvest is the accepted norm in European pears.

Correct calcium nutrition has been shown to minimize black end, cork spot and alfalfa greening.

Both foliar and soil-applied forms of calcium have an effect on cork spot and alfalfa greening and it is widely accepted that the N:Ca ratio needs to be maintained at 6 or below in order to minimize alfalfa greening in pears.

Regular applications are important. Up to eight foliar sprays have proven effective at reducing water core in Japanese pear.

Calcium also improves skin finish in pears and calcium nitrate improves winter hardiness reducing susceptibility to cold damage. Growers do need to avoid over application of nitrogen, as this will soften bud tissue, increasing damage.

Recommended fertilisers for apples

Apple fertiliser and crop nutrition advice
Apple fertiliser and crop nutrition advice

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