Agronomy Advice
April 12, 2023

Protecting Maize from Abiotic Stress

To achieve your maize crop’s full potential you should be focussed on two strategies

Maize Field
  • Ensuring the crop is supplied with required nutrients, in the right quantities at the best time for them to make the best use of these nutrients.
  • Protecting it from abiotic stress often brought on by extreme weather conditions such as drought.

For more information about the nutritional requirements of maize, please read our blog: Foliar phosphate boosts the establishment of maize.

When it comes to reducing abiotic stress the focus is on limiting the effects of extreme weather events on the crop such as drought.

In the hope of protecting Maize crops from abiotic stress, Yara trialled the use of YaraVita Biotrac along with YaraVita CROP BOOST. YaraVita Biotrac is a liquid biostimulant combining a blend of nutrients and bioactive compounds extracted from the algae Ascophyllum nodosum.

Yara knows all too well that a farmer's crop can live and die on the whims of the weather, so we have developed a product designed specifically to protect crops against the stresses of inclement weather. It will help crops during periods of high metabolic demand in order to stimulate flowering, fruit set and improve yield quality and quantity.

In contains a broad range of carefully selected bioactive compounds and nutrients including:

  • Boron, zinc, nitrogen and potassium which enhance the effect of the bioactive compounds.
  • Sugar alcohols to improve the mobility of boron.
  • Amino acids which are critical for plant metabolism and build resilience.
  • Organic acids to improve micro-nutrient uptake.
  • Polysaccharides to mitigate the impact of abiotic stress.
  • Vitamins for their antioxidant protection properties.
  • Humectant which prolongs the foliar nutrient absorption period.

Trial results were really positive: we saw Maize yields increase by over 10%. The margin over input cost of this increase is £125/ha.

YaraVita Biotrac can easily be tank mixed with YaraVita CropBoost, reducing the required number of passes in the field and lowering the costs of application.

For more information about the product, take a look at the YaraVita Biotrac product information page.