Agronomy Advice
February 22, 2023

Spotlight on the British Grassland Society

Yara has long been involved with and supported the British Grassland Society (BGS), we currently have active involvement from four of our commercial and agronomy team.

crop fields
crop fields

Founded in 1945, the BGS brings together experts in grassland management, supporting the sharing of knowledge, practice and expertise in the pursuit of profitable grass growth, maximising sustainability. It’s a registered charity and a membership organisation with over 4,000 members from a variety of backgrounds including farmers, researchers, teachers and independent advisors.

How can the BGS help farmers?

  • Share best practice, trial results and the latest agronomic research to improve grass and forage use
  • Supports farmers in adopting sustainability without sacrificing profit
  • Represents your interests to the Government and promotes grassland farming as environmentally benign and for public benefit.

How is Yara Involved?

Individuals employed by Yara have recognised the importance of the role BGS plays in grassland farming and they have supported the organisation for years. Nigel Hester, one of our Area Managers, has been a member of the Devon Grassland Society for over 30 years and even undertook the role of Publicity Officer for many years. Nigel values the opportunity to network with other grassland experts and learns a lot from the hosted farm walks and various experts the BGS organise to speak at their events.

“I have seen how the BGS actively supports grassland farmers in embedding innovative new farming practices to improve grassland productivity in a sustainable manner. It’s a low cost option to keep ahead of the game in my opinion and is why I have been a member for over 30 years. Every grassland farmer should join!”

Nigel Hester, Area Manager, Yara

Andrew Morrison, Yara Area Manager in Northern Ireland, is a member of the Ulster Grassland Society. Like Nigel, he sees how well information is shared amongst members within the group.

“It’s a great opportunity to network with like-minded people. By sharing information with each other, we’re raising each other up. By improving grassland management not only are farmers able to increase returns on farm, but they are also developing more sustainable ways of farming. It’s a win-win for everyone!”

Andrew Morrison, Area Manager, Yara

Hannah Shirt from Yara analytical services is also a member of BGS and sits on the BGS council, as a regional representative. In this role, Hannah provides a crucial link between her local affiliated society and the BGS office, President and Trustees, which facilitates a two-way flow of information between the grass-roots membership and the National Society.

And finally, Philip Cosgrave has been elected to be the next President of BGS! His tenure will begin in July 2023 and he’s looking forward to taking up this prestigious role and contributing positively to the society’s aims. Based in Ireland, Philip has been a member of BGS for 7 years through Yara’s corporate membership.

Yara will continue to support the BGS through personnel as well as sharing agronomic research and development with its members to help support the grassland market. In the past we have hosted BGS events, delivered grass focussed competitions in collaboration with BGS and advertise in their quarterly publication.