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August 30, 2019

Ten reasons to use YaraBela Nutri Booster this summer

By: Philip Cosgrave

The challenge from now until autumn is to maximise grass growth so the grazing season can be extended and so there will be enough high quality silage for winter. To support our livestock farmers in this challenge we at Yara develop products like YaraBela Nutri-Booster.

Ten reasons to use YaraBela Nutri Booster
Ten reasons to use YaraBela Nutri Booster

Ten reasons to use YaraBela Nutri Booster

1. Nutri Booster contains just the right amount of sulphur for grass growth

Why is 2% S enough?

  • Sulphur rate matches grass growth rate from August
  • Over applying sulphur is an unnecessary waste.

2. The nitrogen used in Nutri Booster has the lowest ammonia emissions

Why is it the lowest?

  • Calcium Ammonium Nitrate used in Nutri Booster is not susceptible to ammonia losses like urea or protected urea.

3. Using Nutri Booster means more grass per kg of N applied

How is this?

  • Less N lost to the atmosphere means more N available for your grassSynergy of having both nitrogen and sulphur together.

4. Nutri Booster is a Complex Compound Fertiliser

What does this mean?

  • Each granule contains nitrogen, sulphur and selenium – No segregation of nutrients
  • More landing sites for sulphur and selenium.

5. Nutri Booster can be accurately spread

What’s the importance of this?

  • Even spreading pattern, whether your spreading 12m or 24m.
  • Ensures the application rate you want is the application rate you get across the full spreader bout width

6. Nutri Booster is dust free

No dust?

  • No dust deposits on the back of the spreader.
  • Takes less time to wash your spreader down.
  • More even fertiliser application

7. What’s on the Nutri Booster bag is in the bag

How can you guarantee this?

  • Strict quality control, unrivalled within the industry, since 1905.
  • Always produced in Yara's own factories

8. Nutri Booster contains selenium for livestock health

Do selenium fortified fertiliser’s work?

  • Unfortified grass does not contain enough selenium to meet a dairy cow’s dietary requirements
  • Cows require adequate selenium for their immune system and to maintain pregnancy

9. Nutri Booster contains the best sort of selenium

What’s the best sort?

  • Sodium selenate, is the most efficient form of soil applied selenium.

10. The selenium in grass is utilised more effectively by the cow

How come?

  • Selenium in grass is bound to protein which makes it more easily absorbed.

You need YaraBela Nutri-Booster if you want to:

  • Grow more and better grass per kg of N applied

  • Save time with a confident, accurate fertiliser spread

  • Improve milk quality across the herd

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