Agronomy Advice
March 28, 2024

Micronutrients: Micro but Mighty

By: Natalie Wood

Don’t be fooled by the name - micronutrients are NOT unimportant, we just need less of them than the macronutrients to achieve the best results.

Farmer fields in Scotland
Farmer fields in Scotland

So, what micronutrients do wheat and oilseed need at this stage?

Wheat  Oilseed
Magnesium is important for both crops as it is part of the chlorophyll so it’s essential for efficient photosynthesis. Not having enough magnesium will mean less light 
capture which will affect crop development and eventually, yield.
Manganese for its role in the structure of photosynthetic proteins and enzymes.
Zinc for enzyme reactions, nitrogen metabolism, and protein synthesis. Boron to allow the pollen to germinate and seed formation.
Copper to increase the number of grains per ear and improve grain quality. Molybdenum for protein synthesis and to support nitrogen efficiency.


Yara's Recommendation 

For winter wheat crops we’d recommend YaraVita Gramitrel which will deliver all the micronutrients wheat needs to flourish. Long-term independent trials have shown that you, on average, can expect a 0.5t/ha yield increase when Gramitrel is applied in the spring. Apply YaraVita Gramitrel at 2.0 l/ha at T1 fungicide timing, between the first and second node 
detectable stage (GS 31- 32).

For oilseed crops, we’d recommend YaraVita Brassitrel Pro. Over the last 6 years, independent trials have shown an average yield increase of 0.3t/ha after an application of Brassitrel Pro.Apply 3.0l/ha of YaraVita Brassitrel Pro at the stem extension growth 

Simplified nutrition for enhanced crop performance


Crop Specific products provide an effective release of nutrients for plants: supplying the plant with the nutrients it needs at the right time in the growing phase. Time, cost and effort for the farmer can be saved by using Crop Specific products.


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