PG MIX 14-16-18

PG MIX 14-16-18

PG MIX 14-16-18 is an all-in-one powdered compound fertiliser for potting soils which converts ordinary peat into high standard potting soil. PG MIX removes the burden of mixing straights and provides even distribution of nutrients in the potting medium.
General purpose, high phosphate fertiliser with an excellent reputation amongst producers of potting soils and peat substrates.

Even distribution in potting soil
• To avoid patches with high or low nutrient contents, because this gives uneven growth and can cause salt stress.
• Becomes more important the smaller the potting compartments are (trays, cells etc.).
• As a consequence, fine particles are required.

Dust free
• The finer the particle sizes are, the higher is the tendency for dusting.
• Dusting means hazard to workers and equipment.
• Dusting means nutrient losses.
• Dusting can cause caking and clogging.

Non caking
• products which cake can rarely be automatically and evenly dosed to the potting soil.
• bins and hoppers can get clogged.
• uneven distribution and dosage might be the result.
• costly manual working will be required.

Non segregating
• segregation means uneven dosage and distribution.
• this leads to uneven growth.
• and will result in low quality potting soil.
• and unsatisfied customers and claims against potting soils
A prerequisite for satisfied potting soil customers is an even distribution of a high quality fertiliser in the potting soil, therefore it has to be dust free + non segregating + non caking.

14.0% N
7.0% P (16.0% P2O5)
14.9% K (18.0% K2O)
7.2% S (18% SO3)
0.50% Mg (1.0% MgO)
0.03% B
0.15% Cu
0.07% Fe
0.16% Mn
0.20% Mo
0.04% Zn

25 kg polythene non slip bags.