Plant biostimulants help crops overcome abiotic stresses

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The BIOTRYG™ technology which is used in Yara plant biostimulant products triggers natural plant processes that enhance nutrient use efficiency as well as acting on specific processes in crop metabolism. Improved plant growth and abiotic stress tolerance help the plants to remain vigorous in hostile growing conditions so the farmer can generate better yield and quality.

See for yourself the effect of Biotrac on lettuce plants

See for yourself how plant biostimulants can affect lettuce growth.

Lettuce rape plants grown in sand and watered daily with a complete nutrient solution. The pot on the right side was sprayed with 3l/ha YaraVita Biotrac just before filming started

Why choose YaraVita Biostimulants?

YaraVita Biostimulants in apple
YaraVita Biostimulants in apple

Product features

  • Carefully selected bioactive ingredients
  • Contains nutrients to reinforce effect of bioactive compounds
  • Good tank mixability means can be co-applied with many agrochemicals 
  • Fully formulated for foliar application so are both safe and effective

Crop benefits

  • Improved vegetative growth 
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Improved flowering and fruit set
  • Improved yield and quality
  • Enhanced abiotic stress tollerance

What do other farmers and agronomists say about Biotrac

Ángel Ruiz agronomist of distributor Fitolorca (Murcia), Spain
Open field Cantaloupe melon, suffering from heat stress
The farmer applied Biotrac at a rate of 2.5lt/ha and repeated the application 10 days later. The plants recovered and the final yield was 42,523 kg/ha.
Rapid vegetative regeneration, very balanced and with excellent harvest results."

Adrián Martínez agronomist of distributor GARLAN (Álava), Spain
High temperatures affected the potato crop development. Biotrac applied on 11/06/19 at 1 lt/ha.
“Biotrac improved the tolerance of the plants to high temperatures."

Víctor García of distributor Servicios Agrarios Riojanos (La Rioja), Spain
Grapevine (Var. Tempranillo) suffering from drought and high temperatures (> 35 ºC) affecting crop development. Biotrac applied immediately after fruit set at 2 lt/ha.
“Quick effect on the crop. Ease of mixing with plant protection products"

YaraVita plant biostimulants

Product N P K S Mg Ca B Cu Fe Mo Mn Si Zn
YaraVita BIOTRAC                    


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