Directions for use

Urea shall only be fed to animals with a functional rumen. Feeding urea to the maximum level dose should be done gradually. The maximum content of urea should be only fed as part of diets rich in easily digestible carbohydrates and low in soluble nitrogen. A maximum 30 % of total nitrogen in the daily ration should come from urea-N. Rumisan® is a technically pure non-protein nitrogen feed nutritional additive for ruminants with a functional rumen, the maximum content of Rumisan® in complete feed with a moisture content of 12 % is 8 800 mg/kg. * according to EU regulation No 839/2012.

The Packaging of Rumisan

Rumisan® is a solid white prill with an even round shape and a consistent prill size, that can be delivered in 3 different bag sizes and in bulk :

  • 25 kg bags
  • 500 kg Big Bags
  • 1000 kg Big Bags
  • Silo Truck

How to store Rumisan?

Solid urea is hygroscopic. To minimize the formation of lumps and cakes of urea, it is recommended to:

  • storage temperature must be as stable as possible.
  • minimize storage height.
  • avoid loading products during rain.
  • reduce fall height when handling products in bulk to minimise dust formation.
  • when stored in a silo: silo should be easy to enter if necessary to remove lumps/cakes, silos stored outside should be insulated and kept at sufficiently high temperature.

Rumisan Packaging.jpg