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YaraVita Biotrac combats stress in lettuce

By: Giz Gaskin

When faced with a crop of Iceberg lettuce struggling and growing slowly under stress conditions Miguel Ángel Navarro Sánchez turned to YaraVita Biotrac plant biostimulant and was very pleased to see the crop quickly recover.

YaraVita Biotrac combats stress in Iceberg lettuce
YaraVita Biotrac combats stress in Iceberg lettuce

Miguel Ángel Navarro Sánchez is a young Spanish farmer who grows vegetables in Murcia and who has learned the trade from his father, with whom he runs the business. Most of the fields they cultivate are rented, a total of about 150 hectares which are dedicated mostly to the cultivation of Iceberg lettuce together with broccoli and watermelons.

The fields are spread in two distinct regions, Lorca and Caravaca which are climatically quite different in terms of temperatures, which allows this farmer to have lettuce for many months of the year, complying with the requirements of the companies that market their produce.

The Iceberg season begins in Caravaca region with cultivation in March through to the last harvest in October whereas Lorca season runs from September until early May without a problem. The average production is between 35,000 and 40,000 kg/ha.

This year, due to the higher rainfall recorded during the late winter and early spring and lower than normal temperatures in Caravaca, Iceberg lettuce began to have symptoms of stress and its growth slowed down. They made the decision to apply a foliar biostimulant, specifically, YaraVita Biotrac at a rate of 4 l / ha.

YaraVita Biotrac was developed to alleviate abiotic stress conditions

It is a liquid formulation for foliar applications based on a mixture of nutrients and bioactive compounds extracted from the alga Ascophyllum nodosum that has been developed to alleviate abiotic stress conditions, such as cold or drought, and help plants in periods of high metabolic demand in order to improve the quantity and quality of the harvest.

Miguel Ángel maintains that the result of the application has been very satisfactory, he applied it in April and in a few days, the plants resumed their normal growth rate.

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Lettuce rape plants were grown in sand and watered daily with a complete nutrient solution. The pot on the right side was sprayed with 3l/ha YaraVita Biotrac just before filming started