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In today's food supply chain, prioritising environmental responsibility and actively contributing to nature and sustainability has become not just an option but a vital requirement. Yara, a global leader in crop nutrition services is setting the standard with its holistic approach to sustainability embedded in its product portfolio, research-driven agronomic advice and an array of tools and services. 

While our food consumption contributes to 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions, 11% of that can be attributed to fertilisers. 


However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that fertiliser plays an essential role in doubling food production, addressing the needs of our ever-growing global population. The dilemma is evident, but Yara offers the solution. 

Yara’s premium fertilisers already provide a significantly lower carbon footprint, thanks to N2O catalyst abatement technology, achieving reductions between 50-60%. To take a step further, the Yara Climate Choice ultra-low carbon footprint fertilisers, incorporate green ammonia, produced from water and air through renewable energy, into the manufacturing process. This innovative approach allows us to achieve an even more impressive reduction in the carbon footprint, ranging from 80-90%.

aerial view of a farm
aerial view of a farm

So how does this impact food production? 

Cutting the carbon footprint of fertiliser by up to 90% can result in a substantial 30% reduction in the carbon footprint of crops. This in turn, has a considerable impact on the footprint of food like bread that comes from those crops. The footprint of that slice of toast can be reduced by 15%, thanks to Yara’s ultra-low carbon fertilisers.  

Farmer in a field

Our commitment doesn’t end there. To complement our range of low to ultra-low carbon fertilisers we are collaborating with partners to repurpose food waste into Organo-mineral Fertiliser (OMF) to address issues such as long-term soil health. It is vital to go back to the roots quite literally – and address the challenges and opportunities present in our soil. Yara stands as a reliable partner in this journey, working with food producers to ensure that inputs applied to the soil are not only sustainable but are the right products, applied at the right time and in the right place.

To achieve this, our growers require information, technology and tools – this is where Yara’s knowledge grows. With over a century of agronomic knowledge and an extensive collection of tools and services we provide growers with the expertise needed to make informed decisions regarding, soil health, fertiliser application and nutrient management.

As we all strive to meet our sustainability targets, Yara’s combination of organic based and low to ultra-low carbon fertilisers, managed with our knowledge and digital solutions is what growing a Nature Positive Food Future looks like for us!

Collaborating with Yara goes beyond a supplier relationship

it is a partnership built on shared values and a commitment to making a positive impact. We invite you on this journey with us – a journey towards a future where sustainability is not just a goal but a reality. 

If you play a role in the food supply chain and want to discuss strategies for achieving your sustainability targets, reach out to Dale Turner, Head of Value Chain Partnerships. We look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations and working together towards a more sustainable future. 

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Headshot of Dale Turner
Dale Turner
Head of Value Chain Partnerships