Hybrid SNCR/SCR Systems

Recent years have seen the development of hybrid systems for NOx reduction, using a combination of SCR and SNCR technologies. These hybrid systems reduce the level of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the flue gas with a hydrocarbon treatment in 2 stages: selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR), followed by selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

Power plant


Why choose a hybrid SNCR/SCR system?

A hybrid system may be an interesting alternative versus installing a single SCR system. Hybrid systems help to find a balance between investment costs (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX). This is particularly useful for cases where:

  • A significant reduction in NOx emissions is expected, yet flexibility of operation is needed.
  • The installation space available for the catalyst is restricted.
  • Increasing the pressure drop is critical or leads to higher operational costs and significant investments.

In such cases, the hybrid solution is the best choice: it reduces the size of the catalyst to be installed, thus reducing investment, and volume issues at the site.

If you are interested by the installation or maintenance of SCR / SNCR system:

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