Yara SNCR System for grate fired boilers

A very high number of grate fired boilers in Poland which are used for district heating have to reduce their NOx emissions to comply to new regulations within the next years.

Yara provides a newly designed SNCR system with a central injection unit specially created to fulfil the needs of the majority of grate fired boilers (OR and WR type) in the range of 5 to 50 MWth combusting coal or biomass.

Why choose Yara SNCR System for grate fired boilers?

Especially for the requirement of the grate fired boilers segment Yara has developed and patented a central injection system that ensures better performance than side-mounted injection systems.

  • vertical installation of the system
  • possibility to move the injector lance up and down
  • distributing the reagent centrally inside the boiler
  • optimum distribution in the area of optimum temperature

Yara’s process assessment in the unique combination of Primaries and Central Injector will reduce the CO emissions in addition.