YaraVera AMIDAS (40% N + 5.6% S) a sulphur enriched granular urea-based fertiliser delivering higher yield results than urea alone for use on oilseed rape, arable crops and grassland

YaraVera AMIDAS is formulated to supply Nitrogen and Sulphur to a wide range of arable crops and grassland. Its 5:1 N to S ratio is ideal for oilseed rape and other brassica crops. Combining urea with sulphur in the sulphate form, sulphur uptake by plant roots is increased.

Immediate and long term growth response
With 5% ammonium nitrogen as well as 35% ureic nitrogen your crop gets the best of both worlds:
Immediate growth response to the ammonium nitrogen.
Long term nitrogen availability with ureic nitrogen to sustain growth throughout the season.

Optimised sulphate availability
As industries have reduced their air pollution, we have seen a knock-on impact on sulphur levels in our soil. Sulphur deficiency is now widespread across UK soils.
Amidas delivers plant available sulphate to achieve improved crop quality and increased yields.
Sulphur deficiency in plants will cause stunted growth and the leaf will develop a pale green colour. Sulphur is essential for a plant’s basic functions - it is needed for plant amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

Decreased volatilisation
By adding sulphur into Amidas you’ll see more efficient nitrogen uptake. Urea on its own will increase the pH of your soil resulting in a significant loss of nitrogen after application.
Sulphur counteracts this by reducing soil pH and therefore cutting down on nitrogen losses long enough for your crops to see the benefit.
Yara fertiliser bags now contain a minimum of 30% recycled plastic.