As a Retailer, AdBlue® offers a significant new customer opportunity

From the pump

With the largest forecourt network in the UK, by choosing Air1 to supply your retail site, you will get a complete AdBlue solution with a comprehensive installation:

  • In partnership with leading manufacturers to develop AdBlue equipment in line with Air1’s unique specification.
  • Air1’s in-house engineers project manage your installation from start to finish.
  • Implementation of bespoke environmental and health & safety measures, including dedicated spill kits and staff training for all sites.
  • Numerous finance options available allowing flexible payment terms.
  • Technical Services Expertise and Equipment R&M.


Packed product supply

5 and 10 litre cans

Economical and easy to use

  • Integrated spout in the can's design
  • Ergonomic storage and secure fastening of the spout while in transit
  • Spout prevents risk of spillage and corrosion of paintwork
  • Integrated design eliminates any risk of product contamination
  • Robust PET material for external shaded storage

3.5 litre pouch

Innovative, custom-designed pouches (patented)

  • New AdBlue pouch is quick and easy to use
  • Integrated design, specifically developed for AdBlue re-filling
  • Long integrated nozzle removes the needs for separate screw on elements
  • Collapsible pouch for a faster and clear refill with no spills
  • Prevents corrosion of paintwork, crystallization, smells and contamination caused by spillage
  • Disposable as a flat, empty package creating less refuse on site and less landfill
  • CO2 footprint of Yara's AdBlue 3,5-litre pouches is approximately two thirds less than that of a conventional can
Nigel Williams
Nigel Williams
AdBlue Retail & Forecourt Sales Manager

AdBlue pouch