AdBlue®: Simple to use!

Some believe that using AdBlue is a real chore, but this is not the case. SCR vehicles are as simple to use as other cars or passenger vehicles. You will see that having to fill AdBlue is as easy as filling the screenwash or checking the level of oil in your car.


If you fill your AdBlue tank with anything other than AdBlue, you run the risk of

  • Your car not starting after several stops.
  • Expensive repairs that are not covered by the warranty, as the catalyst and SCR system are very sensitive when AdBlue is not used. If you fill up with water instead of AdBlue, you can block the injector and damage the catalyst.
  • Progressive damage to your SCR system can reduce engine performance and actually increase the fuel consumption per mile or kilometer.
  • Your vehicle will not maintain the emissions allowed for a Euro 6 car. This will result in MOT failure.

What happens if I pour AdBlue into the diesel tank or diesel in the AdBlue tank?

  • Do not start the engine!
  • Do not move the vehicle!
  • Drain the tank with the vehicle still in its original position.

If the engine is started, even for a brief period:

  • The fluid will enter the wrong system, and this can have expensive consequences in the long and short term.
  • AdBlue is not compatible with some metals and materials, so it will slowly degrade the fuel system’s pipework and components.
  • Diesel will poison the catalyst which is expensive to replace (unwarrantable damage), resulting in downtime and maintenance bills.
Nigel Williams
Nigel Williams
AdBlue Retail & Forecourt Sales Manager

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