Where can I buy AdBlue®?

If you own one or several of the following non-road machinery vehicles equipped with SCR technology, they will need AdBlue to reduce their NOx emissions:

  • Agriculture/farm engines such tractors or combine harvesters
  • Mobile cranes
  • Engines used in harbours and airports
  • Excavators and engines used in mines or construction

For these vehicles, you can buy AdBlue from:

  • Your usual diesel or lubricant reseller
  • The network of dealers where you bought the vehicle(s)
  • At specialised spare part suppliers for engines of tractors and other non-road machinery

Warning: AdBlue is also sold for trucks and coaches at service stations, please check beforehand if you can fill your tractor or off-road machinery vehicle with AdBlue at these facilities. If they supply AdBlue in Cans you can purchase these if needed in an emergency .

Yara sells its AdBlue under the brand Air1. See our list of AdBlue Distributors for our dedicated network of Air1 resellers for tractors, farming machinery, excavators and other non-road machinery.

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