Yara’s nitrate-based fertilisers are made to meet the specific nutrient demands of many crops and have been shown to increase nitrogen use efficiency (NUE).

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Increasing NUE - some tips

  • Use the right rate. Digital tools can help you choose precisely the right application rate of nitrogen, specific to your field, and in real-time. Yara offers digital tools to reduce under or over-application by finding the optimum N rate.

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  • Precision spreading. Larger, denser fertiliser particles spread more accurately than prilled nitrogen products, especially in windy conditions. In-field sensing can also ensure you place fertiliser precisely where it is needed, reducing the variability of application across fields.

Yara N-Sensor
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  • Proper balance. Balancing plants’ nutritional needs including sulphur and micronutrients ensure that you grow more crop for every kilogram of nitrogen you apply.

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8% higher nitrogen-use efficiency

Why are nitrate-based solutions more efficient?

  • Produce more crop with less. Efficient use of nitrogen is essential to achieving maximum crop growth and a greater return on each kg of fertiliser you invest in.
  • Preferred by plants. Nitrogen is a vital nutrient, and nitrates are the preferred nitrogen form for most crops.
  • Better safeguard against the weather. Nitrates have efficient uptake even in conditions that are cool and wet or hot and dry, driving higher yields than alternative fertiliser types.
  • Grow healthier roots. Early applied nitrates promote the growth of well-developed roots, which are important for capturing nutrients and is a precursor to higher nitrogen use efficiency.

improved yield for wheat and oilseed rape

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