Farming is a way of life and is anything but predictable. You know all too well that the weather changes, market demands fluctuate, and operational costs change. 

That's why it is important that your farm needs to be resilient to produce a more equitable business in the long run. Managing and running a profitable farm means maximising better returns on every dollar you spend. We understand that profit is not gained by a one-off investment.

Our experts at Yara have worked together with farmers to build solutions that aim to make a difference in every season to your farms` profitability.

Here are 3 ways that nitrates-based solutions can help you achieve farm profitability

1. Producing maximum yield

Growing larger volumes of high-quality crops is the clearest way to increase your top line income. Nitrate-based solutions offer higher yield and therefore premium profits. By switching from urea to nitrate-based solutions, you can grow up to 9% more crops on the same amount of land with the same amount of fertiliser.

By switching from urea to a nitrate-based solution, you can grow up to 9% more yield on the same amount of land with the same amount of fertiliser


An advantage to nitrate-based solutions is that they provide optimal absorption that leads to higher grain nitrogen content. This means you can increase yield without sacrificing quality.

2. Selling your crops for the highest price possible

Nitrate-based fertilisers create more efficient plants. When nitrogen supply is at an optimal level, plants can use up to 40% less water to produce a ton of grain.

A plant’s value is often defined by its protein content, which again depends on how much nitrogen the plant contains. Nourishing your plants with a quality, nitrate-based fertiliser ensures maximum nitrogen uptake by your plants, which produces higher-protein crops that you can sell for a higher price.

3. Precise measurements

Giving crops precisely the nutrition they need is a key priority when fertilising. This will maximize return on investment made in fertilisers. Digital farming technology is a component of Yara nitrate-based solutions that can help you make the best decisions that increase your return per kg nitrogen fertiliser. Our digital tools really do put agronomic expertise in the palm of your hand by removing the guesswork and ensuring precise, accurate measurements lead to the right decisions.


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