What is the role of manganese in apple production?

Manganese is involved in a wide range of enzyme processes including hormone synthesis. It also plays a key role in photosynthesis.

Manganese effect at growth stages

Stage Manganese effect
Bud Burst - Start of Flowering To maximize tissue growth
Fruit Fill - Maturity Along side with phosphorus will promote fruit coloration


Manganese deficiencies in apples

Manganese deficiency is first seen as light green spots on leaf margins and as an interveinal mottling. Usually the recently matured leaves in early summer growth are the first to show symptoms.

Interveinal areas then become yellow, with prominent green veins. When severe, leaves and shoots become stunted although generally there is little change from normal leaf size and shape.

Excessive amounts of available manganese uptake – associated with low pH soils and poor drainage – results in necrosis of trunk and branch bark (measles).

Apple fertiliser and crop nutrition advice
Apple fertiliser and crop nutrition advice

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