How to reduce lenticel blotch in apples

Lenticel blotch is associated with excessive use of nitrogen, hot summers and late harvests. Lenticels are slightly sunken blotches that result in underlying tissue drying out and becoming brown and spongy.

Calcium helps reduce lentcel blotch

Calcium Sprays and Frui Quality

Fruit sprays of calcium, along with soil supply, will help reduce lenticel blotch incidence in apples. The greater the number of sprays the better the fruit quality. It is important to continue spraying right through to harvest.

Manganese helps minimise leaf drop

Manganese and Leaf Quality

In trials, foliar manganese, applied at least twice in the spring, has proven to be most effective at minimizing leaf drop and lenticel blotchiness.

Recommended fertilisers for apples

Apple fertiliser and crop nutrition advice
Apple fertiliser and crop nutrition advice

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