Role of nutrients in grapevines by growth stage

Grapevine nutrient requirements vary depending on the crop growth stage. Find out which nutrients are most important and the roles of nutrients at different grape growth stages.

wine grape bud

Winter Rest – Budbreak

  • Nitrogen and Potassium – promote strong early growth and maximize leaf area 
  • Phosphorus – maintain long-term productivity 
  • Calcium - boost new leaf and bud growth 
  • Magnesium – maximize photosynthetic activity and early growth 
  • Sulfur and Manganese – maximize photosynthetic activity 
  • Iron – strengthen leaf development and vine productivity 
  • Boron and Zinc – ensure good shoot growth and strong fruit set 
  • Molybdenum – maximize floral development

Wine grape

Berry Set - Veraison

  • Nitrogen – ensure strong set and early grape growth 
  • Potassium – maximize growth potential 
  • Calcium – maintain healthy vine growth and grape production 
  • Magnesium – maintain growth and berry development 
  • Boron and Zinc – maximize healthy berry development

Wine grape

Veraison – End of Harvest

  • Nitrogen – foliar forms to maximize crop potential and improve grape color 
  • Potassium – ensure good, strong fruit-fill, increase grape sugars, and provide a high K:N ratio to minimize botrytis 
  • Calcium – ensure strong skins and minimize fruit disorders and diseases 
  • Magnesium – minimize bunch stem necrosis 
  • Boron – improve berry shape, size and sugars 
  • Zinc and Iron – increase grape sugars

Wine grape

Post Harvest

  • Nitrogen – build vine reserves before dormancy 
  • Phosphorus – build root system after harvest 
  • Calcium - boost root development and wood maturity (winter hardiness) after harvest

Recommended Yara fertilisers for grapevines

Grapevine fertigation and nutrition advice
Grapevine fertigation and nutrition advice

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