Nitrogen deficiency made worse by

  • Low or high pH soils
  • Sandy or light soils (leaching
  • ) Low organic matter
  • Drought conditions
  • High rainfall (leaching) or heavy irrigation
  • Addition or high levels of non-decomposed organic matter/manure (eg straw)
  • Fast growing crops

Nitrogen is important for

  • High and early yields, good leaf size and market quality

Yara recommended fertilizers for Nitrogen

YaraVita SAFE-N 300

YaraVita SAFE-N 300

Broccoli: 10 to 15 l/ha. Apply 10 to 14 days after thinning or transplanting. Repeat at early head formation and at 10 to 14 intervals if necessary. Water rate: 100 to 200 l/ha.

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