Boron deficiency made worse by

  • Sandy soils
  • Alkaline soils
  • Soils low in organic matter
  • High levels of nitrogen
  • High levels of calcium
  • Cold wet weather
  • Periods of drought

Boron is important for

  • Improves bud development
  • Improves flowering
  • Improves fruit set
  • Gives better skin finish
  • Reduces storage disorders

Yara recommended fertilizers for Boron

YaraVita BORTRAC 150

YaraVita BORTRAC 150

Apples: 1 to 2 l/ha at pink bud, start of flowering and again at petal fall. 2 l/ha after harvest but before leaf senescence. Water rate: 500-1,000 l/ha.

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