Sulphur deficiency made worse by

  • Acidic soils
  • Light, sandy soils (leaching)
  • Low organic matter
  • Poorly aerated soils (waterlogged soils
  • ) Areas with low industrial emissions

Sulphur is important for

  • New growth healthy and green
  • Fruit number and size increased
  • Overall yield is greater

Yara recommended fertilizers for Sulphur

YaraVita THIOTRAC 300

YaraVita THIOTRAC 300

Apple: 3 to 5 l/ha before the start of flowering. Repeat at fruit set and 10 to 14 days later if necessary or after harvest before leaf fall. Water rate: 500 to 1000 l/ha. WARNING Do not apply during flowering. This product contains an active ingredient which, when used at rates around 15 l/ha, has been found to cause fruit thinning. These rates may also cause leaf scorch and Yara does not warrant this application.

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